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I need wheels!
I went to the skatepark today and got frustrated. Im not sure if its from the heat or just because now I'm pumping more, but my wheels felt really TACKY and slooooowww! Not just the transitions this time. I lost my balance sometimes from it since I tried to jump or spin on the ramps and it felt like I was glued. I watched the skateboarders, and yeah, they were sliding easily and I felt like I was skating on top of tape lol. So the 85a's arent working anymore.

I'm going to go with skateboard wheels for now, I guess the speed ones.

I was thinking 93a, but considering 95a now too. Any advise on wheel type? Should I do 40mm or try the zodiacs which are narrow, 34mm I believe? I was thinking radar tuners since they are wide and a decent price which might be a good idea to get used to and maybe later go for the narrow one?

I need help! My wheels are messing me up now. And I want to get good quickly cause a dumb skateboarder started arguing with me that these arent aggressive skates, they are for roller disco! I want to show him off!!!!!!!!!!!! mad, mad, mad, mad..........
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