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skateboard wheels?
: Hello.
: I use two diferent wheels
: Powell T-Bones 67mm 97A - Good for Wood Vertical
: Spitfire 60mm 101A - Good for All Ramps
: And Ricta 60mm 103A I wanna Buy!
: I dont like Wheel Smaller than 60mm
: With good Bearing bones REDZ .... Speddy!!!

Thanks for the info!

The pivot on the dominions I discovered was a slight different length so the cushions never sat flat. Then I found out that the only skateboard wheel that would fit them would be so narrow that they wheels wouldnt even extend to the boots width. I wouldnt like that feeling of instability on the ramps with regular trucks. So I decided on the zodiacs, 95a. Its in between the art and speed wheels as far as width goes. I thought the speed wheels might grip too much.

I talked to the bones rep., I found out that the quad roller bones wheels (not the elites, etc) are the same compound at their skateboard wheels. So if I go with the narrow ramp trucks which dont take skateboard wheels, and I want a little more slide, that would be about the same thing! So if this is true, seems like it wouldnt make that much difference having a roller skating wheel vs. skateboard wheel, just there are very few options.
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