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another possibility
: : UR right. Plastic would be better. WHere did you get this material?
: I got it from a specialty shop in Munich. It was at a time when my sister still lived there. So it's really long time ago. They had all kinds of rubber and plastics and therefore I went in and described my needs (durable, slippery). I don't know what it is exactly.

Well, I'll check into plastic shops but they do make containers for food, etc. that is flexible plastic I can get at the dollar store. Or do you think I should just buy the leather toe guards? Thats why nowadays I dont experiment much even though I love making stuff with my hands. It can get costly with the mistakes.

The other problem I will have is the my kryptonics route 70 wheels are both wide and heavy for jumping. I did some jumps this morning over a cardboard box and cleared 10 inches so now I want to add some spins over that. Big heavy wheels arent ideal although for the road I am enjoying the softness. I also need to find a new place since when I called the mall this morning, they got into well, maybe its not a good idea. You can get hurt with roller skating. I might do the jumps in an empty parking lot full of restaurants to avoid "legal issues" where one business might think they might be responsible if I um, skinned my knee lol?

OK, I need a job soon lol!
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