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another possibility

: If this is the stuff tupper boxes are made from, I think it is too thin.

: Leather could be quite OK. One advantage would be that it is easy to work with. Once I tried another material which was similar to shoe soles. That didn't hold up very long, though.

Well, since I put these on the art boots and will just be doing art jumps, maybe dodging some cones if I get that desire later, it might be OK. At least for a short bit. Then again, how about that hockey tar on top?
: : Thats why nowadays I dont experiment much even though I love making stuff with my hands. It can get costly with the mistakes.
: Still cheaper than artistic roller skating or winter sports.

Youre telling me! As much as I enjoyed the freestyle part, I might not be able to take many lessons now. My brother was paying for them and now he cut me off. Plus, I just really want to jump and spin around and on and over things! Eventually on the ramps. More athletic rather then just pretty. I think thats more practice then learning precise details which is artistic.
: The krypto 70 really are great wheels for cruising the street and for downhill. But as you say, you can't do it in MD.

Yes and no. Looks like as long as I can maintain thinking of the mall parking lot as a rink, I can stay there. Pretty good hills there too! Not extreme tho. I just scoped out the elem. school here. Saw some basketball courts in the back too. The lot is secluded and empty now. Thought I would alternate days and practice jumping over things there. The rail is 12 inches I found out today. I need another 3 inches! I am just going to go. I dont think at 6-7 am they will think I'm up to much besides getting some exercise.
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