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I caught some air today!!
Man, thats the best feeling ever! I was getting bored at the skatepark not doing anything new or challenging, so I decided its time to drop in. Well, not altogether successful yet lol. Got my heart pounding outta my chest lol, sweated up a storm just standing there even, then at the very bottom fell. Tried it again but thought I might have a heart attack up there from too much excitement, so decided to do some pumping and the smaller ramps to chill. Its not that bad but wasnt sure how to balance on the coping yet and couldnt get myself positioned right I dont think. So back to this later.

So thought I would jump the transitions. Man, got a good 6-7 inches of air off the ramp jumping near the top of the half pipe each time! First time really getting real air at the top of the ramp. It was FANTASTIC!! For some reason I seem to get more speed this way too. But my lungs are outta shape for this lol. Wore myself out big time. Great day sk8n! Next time I'll get the drop in better. Just was too tense I think. But the flyin on the ramps was the best feeling I've ever had, AWESOME! So now do I grab my wheels? Its time to do something cool. :-D Getting air's the best thing ever..... Yeah, still flyin!
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