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I caught some air today!!
: Yeah, Claudine, congrats to your progress! The feeling really is unbeatable.
: Two remarks as to my opinions wrt airs and drops:
: - Airs aren't jumps. You have to have enough speed (pushing in the transition) and then you get carried above the coping by your inertia. Hitting the coping you get some impulse towards the ramp which helps avoiding hang-ups.
: - At first it is probably OK to drop in standing with both skates on the coping. When you get the hang of it, you might want to put only your fore-foot on the coping and use the hind-foot to gain an additional impulse.
So what do you call it when your skates are not on the ground for a couple seconds? Whatever it is, it feels great. I didnt know air was only from the coping lol. I would appreciate having my post removed since this wasnt proper.
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