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Zorg? Others who have kids that skate?
: Some adult elbowpads may fit your knees?
: For my kids, I use:
: -teens ones from they have agressive sets (knees/elbows/wrist) at 30euros and helmets too, but seems they are not in US!!!
: -some adult fitness kneed pads could fit agressive too.
: The main concern was to find pads that stood in place (wearing the pant under can help too in winter).
I might have to get the Pro-designed kiddie elbows. Only 1/2 inch thick but otherwise even with the straps tight, they will slide around on me too since the bones of my elbow are not wide enough to be snug in the pad. My s-ones do that now and they are 4 1/2 inches wide. The normal pads are 6 inches wide so I know I will have MORE problems. Unfortunately, I can lift weights and put on muscle, but I cant make my bones bigger for the actual pad! I asked if he could put a little more padding in the elbow; otherwise I will take out my s-ones and sew those on top I think. I am waiting to hear what he says. I guess I can do that with the knee pads too if they slide around?

For my legs I can wear gaskets which I am going to do now I think, but the pro-designed Q pads are a half inch wider, but 3 inches shorter then scabs. I think I would like the option to be able to get my knees together more if I want to do cross overs and I would think they might hold on tighter being more narrow so I still leaning towards scabs. Although I am still thinking beefy elbows for knees lol. I dont think pads 2/3rds to my ankles is that big of a deal though? Those are the smallest of the beefy pads. I might have to get the minis in PD. I am waiting for a response how big the cap is.

I'm just happy that sk8n is not dependent upon size, but the equipment is.
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