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Zorg? Others who have kids that skate?
: I quit knee gasket some time ago. They gave me less flexibility and they don't really offer a strong protection for the rotula. PD pads offer (in my opinion) the best protection available, but they have a problem: they slide on falls; so if you buy them I recomend to buy pyramid pads and put a velcro strap round the bottom pad so they won't move anything. Another point is that you can order them custom made. You just give your meassures and it's done. It costs a little bit more but for me it worths the difference. Boneless and Scabs are also very good knee pads, but the foam is wicker than PD Pyramid.

Are they the same built as the singles? He mentioned the Q for me since they would be an inch shorter. I'm very petite. Tell me more about a velcro strap, pics or a name? From a fabric store?
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