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Do these fit OK?
: Kool....was skating w/Nadia on Sat and realized she is about your size. She's sporting Boneless knees (S) and Rector elbows (XS) ...if these are still available, I don't know.
: Great about your $5 skates and that you're rollin' again! Stay healthy.

Hey, wuz wondering where you were! Tried to email a while ago but they bounced back... :-(

I think since the knee pads dont move, I'll keep them. I'm tired of trying and failing and trying and failing trying and failing, if something fits OK, I'm done! I HATE shopping. At least with my big trucks on I FEEL big lol! I forgot to order the recaps tho. Will black make my knees look smaller cause they make my legs look like sticks being so big lol.

Rector fatboy elbows? How much padding? Trying to order from PD. Just if I put wide trucks on my vert skates, then I probably wont fall on my elbows. Right now I have scabs on one lol. Not smith scabs, SCABS. :-D The pad moved and it was skin and concrete sliding. Derby practice lol! Except for the blood its fun lol.
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