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I already got chunky drawers lol! Padding and a plastic plate. :-D Now I never hit it either?????? But if you knock on my ass, it sounds like a door lol.

So now with the big knees, big butt, big trucks soon, I feel I need sum football shoulder pads to balance myself out? Maybe a motorcycle helmet with a plastic shield too???? :-P .....then I will need a chest/rib pad for when someone beats me up for looking so dumb lol.

: It is all about whether they stay on. I personally don't mind a bit of bulkiness, if they stay on a protect me. You get used to the lack of movement. As for the elbow pads, let me just tell you that I never fell on my elbow and before I broke my elbow was thinking how I never fall on my elbow. I broke my left elbow very badly with the Pro Designed pads. I guess we are going to get hurt no matter what, if we fall bad, but don't take your elbow pads for granted. I would also get some crashpads for your tailbone. When I broke my elbow, I slammed on the back of my head and tailbone. I was nausous from the hit to my head, but my ass was great. Getting a serous injury at this age is very serious. It cost me two weeks of work and a lot of money.
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: : : Kool....was skating w/Nadia on Sat and realized she is about your size. She's sporting Boneless knees (S) and Rector elbows (XS) ...if these are still available, I don't know.
: : : Great about your $5 skates and that you're rollin' again! Stay healthy.
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: : Hey, wuz wondering where you were! Tried to email a while ago but they bounced back... :-(
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: : I think since the knee pads dont move, I'll keep them. I'm tired of trying and failing and trying and failing trying and failing, if something fits OK, I'm done! I HATE shopping. At least with my big trucks on I FEEL big lol! I forgot to order the recaps tho. Will black make my knees look smaller cause they make my legs look like sticks being so big lol.
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: : Rector fatboy elbows? How much padding? Trying to order from PD. Just if I put wide trucks on my vert skates, then I probably wont fall on my elbows. Right now I have scabs on one lol. Not smith scabs, SCABS. :-D The pad moved and it was skin and concrete sliding. Derby practice lol! Except for the blood its fun lol.
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