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Skating with out Health Insurance
Ok, so here is a question and I am mostly asking just to hear some different opinions. I started a new job about two months ago and I don't get insurance until November 1st. I am trying to get short term insurance, but I don't think they will insure me because of my recent surgery. I can either risk a month with out insurance or make back payments for my COBRA, which is continuation of the coverage I had. I can either fork out $810 to be covered for next month or risk it. What would you guys do? As I said, just curous and thought this would be an interesting post. If I get hurt, it could cost over $12,000. I really don't want to spend the money, but peace of mind and protection from being put in a bad financial situation is where I am at. I have been playing it really safe and really don't fall, but it only takes one fall. If I do pay the $810, then it might allow me to step up and start skating hard. What do you all think? I am dying to try some old tricks and am so ready to do a flip. Should I just keep it mellow or get the insurance and security and skate the way I am ment to? I realize this is a personal decision, but am interested to hear from my fellow skaters.
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