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Skating with out Health Insurance
I dont have it now either! I am also not pushing myself. In the 10 months I've been sk8n, I sprained my wrist, bruised my tailbone and sprained my foot just now. Bruises and scaps mostly elsewise. Mostly from pads moving out of place, not wearing any or being bulky enough, not knowing how to fall or pushing myself too fast without knowing what to do. Jammed my right arm some too, thats it. Nothing that required medical attention. I know the routine!

I probably wont drop in the halfpipe now til I have it and wont skate the park til my foot is fully healed. I will focus more on fitness and strength I guess for now, my class and new job, fun will come later I tell myself!! I hate to lift weights but its a good time for me to lift heavy.

Also, I am spending money now on what I feel is the best equipment for me for my safety instead of the insurance. The deductible is more then I can afford anyway! I have never needed medical attention for an injury in all the sports I did my whole life really, only for the 2 car accidents where I shouldnt have lived. And running which I just pushed myself beyond pain to be the best runner ever which now I see as being stupid. I eventually needed surgury for that. Someone should have given me some skates lol! So I am getting bulky/best fitting pads and longer/wider trucks too so I dont fall. I donno why but I do fall over sideways with my small trucks thats why after hurting my foot I am considering wider now too. I guess cause I have such narrow heels, I dont have a wide base to begin with. Thats why I like the way quads feel. So thats where my money goes first, prevention.

I also eat well so my bones will be strong til I die I hope! I am very small boned which predisposes me to osteoporosis. That scares the heck out of me since I like to play hard and MOVE. So 10 years ago I researched it and made every change just about I could do to make sure I stay strong. And researched whom the studies were done by to find out the real truth. Never needed a cast, even when my car was run over by an 18 wheeler! So I dont think unless I were to join derby and were piled up by 200 lb women or decided to drop in on a serious vert ramp that anything will break on me. I dont hit hard since I'm small. If so its only my ass and I know the deal for that is too lol.

So no medical insurancer. I wish I could push it, then again, I dont like to be injured even with it. I dont like Drs. I worry about it, I also worry that my job will fall through, etc, etc.

I guess I didnt really answer your question well, sorry. I'm in the same boat! Least I dont have far to fall right?

If you can afford to do so, I would get it. Or keep it safe.

: Ok, so here is a question and I am mostly asking just to hear some different opinions. I started a new job about two months ago and I don't get insurance until November 1st. I am trying to get short term insurance, but I don't think they will insure me because of my recent surgery. I can either risk a month with out insurance or make back payments for my COBRA, which is continuation of the coverage I had. I can either fork out $810 to be covered for next month or risk it. What would you guys do? As I said, just curous and thought this would be an interesting post. If I get hurt, it could cost over $12,000. I really don't want to spend the money, but peace of mind and protection from being put in a bad financial situation is where I am at. I have been playing it really safe and really don't fall, but it only takes one fall. If I do pay the $810, then it might allow me to step up and start skating hard. What do you all think? I am dying to try some old tricks and am so ready to do a flip. Should I just keep it mellow or get the insurance and security and skate the way I am ment to? I realize this is a personal decision, but am interested to hear from my fellow skaters.
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