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RollerCon Skatepark Tour
Hey Bernhard!

How's it going? It's been ages since I have chatted with you. Are you skating much these days?

Roller Derby is freaking huge in North America....there are 300 derby leagues in the US, each with about 30-100 members and those numbers are growing all the time. Lots of these gals are really good skaters, have full protective gear, know how to fall and have no fear. So it isn't surprising that there is a growing movement of derby girls turned ramp skaters. Here in Vancouver, I have a group of about 15 girls and 3 guys that I am teaching.

I expect that the skatepark tour at RollerCon next year will be insane. It was already crazy to show up at a skatepark with 35 quad skaters. The skateboarders just stood aside with their mouths gaping!!!

Not all the girls that wanted to come to the skatepark tour this year were able to make it either. There was supposed to be a shuttle bus that took the gals from an outdoor evening scrimmage event to the nightly skatepark tour. The shuttle never girls had to bus, carpool or take a cab to the skateparks. Next year the shuttle bus will be running.....imagine 60- 75 quad skating girls showing up at the fishnets and mini skirts! It is going to be a circus!

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