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Holly (pictures by Holly)
RollerCon Skatepark Tour
wow, I just stumbled across this forum.

I only made it out that night and the night before. That was amazing, thanks for the pic rollergirl. (I'm the one to the left of jay)

I can't skate right now, so I've been compensating by dreaming about skating and preparing to return when I heal up. (i sprained my ankle pretty bad up at the olney park in maryland over a month ago and messed up some ligaments)


: Hey Everyone,
: This is Lisa aka RollerGirl, out of Vancouver, Canada.
: I went to Vegas in August for RollerCon, a big roller derby convention, and as part of the annual convention there is a skatepark tour. It was amazing! One of the nights there were 35 people skating the ramps on quads. I was blown away, I have never skated (parks) with so many roller skaters before. We didn't think to take a picture until most of the folks had already left, but here are 12 of us sitting at the edge of a 12 foot concrete bowl. This is the Hollywood (i think..) skatepark in Vegas..
: In the pic you will see me (in the center in pink), with Lee Ettinger, Jay the Roller Skater and Duke Renie (third from the right). The gals are all derby girls and some of them are getting really good. Lee, Duke and Jay are great teachers it seems! They had girls dropping in that night, who had never been in a skatepark before.
: Lisa Suggitt
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