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Adrian Miranda (pictures by Adrian Miranda)
when you are on the other way youre skating on fakie and is normal that you dont skate at the same way like when you are skating on your natural position(GOOFY)

im goofy too.

And in the beginning is hard to skate fakie but is a question of practice.

when you domain this you will be done a more lot of tricks

example:FAKIE 360 INVERT OR FAKIE 360 ONE FOOT AIR AND MANY OTHERS LIPTRICKS LIKE CABALLERIAL(fakie 360 DISASTER)HALF CAB(fakie 180 rock).and a neverending bag of tricks

keep going

and remember...........


: Any advice on this? I seem to be able to do it really well goofy footed for some reason (right foot forward). I cannot hold it the other way as long or fast but working on it.
: Is it OK to mostly do it mostly one way and dust jump/turn? Does it matter if its inside or outside on the turn? I cant go very high up the ramp yet but I want to learn both ways.
: I guess then you just pump like the skateboarders do? I hope to be on the ramps again this weekend or pretty soon after that. I miss it!
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