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I donno why, I can spin/turn to the right and not to the left frontstance, Not well at all at least. I need to practice this more. I like the bowls the best! I just think since I'm small and stand like a ballet dancer lol (duck style!), sidestance might do me well. Its fun and challenging now. I like challenge!

: I did side stance a little bit when I was younger, but I did not like it. I will say that the quad skaters that do skate side stance have amazing style and it allows you to flow more naturally with spins and grinds. Don't worry about skating your irregular stance. Just get used to skating the way that makes you comfortable. Now that I am skating bowls, I have to turn my opposite way and it has been difficult, but am getting used to it.
: : Any advice on this? I seem to be able to do it really well goofy footed for some reason (right foot forward). I cannot hold it the other way as long or fast but working on it.
: :
: : Is it OK to mostly do it mostly one way and just jump/turn? Does it matter if its inside or outside on the turn? I cant go very high up the ramp yet but I want to learn both ways.
: :
: : I guess then you just pump like the skateboarders do? I hope to be on the ramps again this weekend or pretty soon after that. I miss it!
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