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Putting on plates?
LOL! Well, I am an artist, have the eye of an eagle. I can tell if its a mm off. And most of my skates are off. I guess RS Dave said between the 2nd and 3rd toe for the top centerline. Right now my plates point to the center of my big toe! The wheels are way inside of the boot. Thats why I want to put them on myself. I know I could do it better. I'm afraid if its that far to the left, my skates will go out since I'm used to them going in.

I might find the center to my 2nd toe, see if the wheels are even, go by that. Find the center under my ankle bone and connect to that point. I guess I will use my thing I use to clasp wood and drill using a tiny then larger drill. I dont know if I need to fill the old holes, wood filler?

I know I can do it and better then the people who center my wheels way far on the inside to my big toe. Makes sidestance much harder.

: I must be the least artistic person in this world. I can't imagine trying to put together my own skates. If I were you, I would ask Roller Dave. He seems to know this stuff. I am all about buying skates and using them. I have no fix it bones in my body. Eventually, I would like to bold a medal plate to my skates and attach skateboard trucks. I really don't get the rollerskate set up, but then again, I just ride and can't make or fix shit.

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