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Pics, pics, pics
Hi all,

I finally got my scanner to work and scanned a ton of pictures. I apologize up front because I have no way to share these pics with out starting a new thread for every pic. I am torn because I want to share these pics, but also don't want to clog the forum. I guess you can ignore my posts if you want. I am sure some people will appreciate these pics. When I travelled Europe, I met some amazing rollerskaters and I am guessing some of you know them. I became friends with Alex and David in Madrid Spain. Toto Ghali and many other cool skaters in Marsaielle France and Martin Broich in Munster Germany. I will just make a post for every pic and give a brief explanation. I apologize for taking up so much space and the editing on the pics is not very good. This first pic is me when I was a young grom.
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