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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
Pics, pics, pics
: : : I like em! I think this forum was meant to be clogged, least I dont mind. :-D I LOVE pics!!
: :
: : Well, I do mind. When this forum gets full, it means that I can't use my mail boxes anymore and that I can't put up anything anymore on my web sites.
: Oh, I didnt think about that. I will make sure I dont put up too many images and keep them small.

That's very considerate of you.

: My camera doesnt work well so I couldnt take action photos right now anyways.

Probably a digital compact camera. Those are often very sluggish. 30 years old compact cameras are often very much snappier. I took the pics from the Green Ramp Jam with such a camera (an Olympud XA 3). I love those cameras!

: Can you delete old information if it starts to get full?

Well, I can, but it would break my heart of course. ;-)

: Or get an external drive?

I can buy additional web space and probably will if need arises. I had to change my web hoster already two years ago because of space problems. The old hoster was a premium business hoster but it would have gotten way to expensive to get more space from him. The hoster I use now is less expensive with more space and the service is good.

: Some sites make you put a link up to photos. Would that help instead of having them downloaded here? I assume photos take up the most information?

You are quite right. A link takes up less than 50 bytes, a photo normally is 1000 times as big. We just use the bandwidth of the site where the photo is hosted, then. Shouldn't be a problem, because we don't generate that much traffic. But I needed to cut off some pages from using photos from my site this way because the ate up to much of my bandwith. Not only is web space limited, but also bandwith (or fuel, or energy, or money, or anything).

The bottom line is: It is a pain uploading pics to this site and it is impossible to upload pics which exeed a certain size in KBytes. But it helps keeping the site running. And yes: Keep those pics coming!
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