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Monster etc
: I stumbled on this site a few weeks ago while testing out google during lunch... punched in 'brian wainwright' and here we are.

Welcome to the lot! It's great to see that there are more and people interested in our way to use a ramp.

: I used to skate a lot of banks - South Bank mainly, and skateparks in London during the eighties and miniramps when they started popping up - I'll put some piccies up.

I've been to a concrete skate park in southern London in the late eighties myself. Bought a pair of Bauer boots at Rom Skates in Greenwich (are they still around?) with Rom base plates attached to them and a set of crappy wheels.

I'm looking forward to your pics!

My first vert experience was at Mon Barbours first and I think only open competition at Southsea in 1988. Jason Tubb won, though I broke my tibula and got carted off to A&E. Subequently kept to mini ramps until 1991-ish when I went abroad to work.
: Jimi Scott and Brain Wainwright popped up at the 1987(?) event section.

Could be. I have been to Münster in 1986 or 1987.

: There was also part of the short segment from the video of the 1988 event with Jason Tubb and I think Tom Friedlich(?).

Friedrich? A guy doing backflips about three meters above the coping? I'm not sure about the name, though.

It was weird seeing all this after seeing inliners reinventing the wheel and more over the last few years.
: I'll try and get some stuff on a web site at some point, since there seems to be a fair bit of equipment still available, in the UK at least - ACS651s are still available from Shiners. Mon Barbour can probably still source them at SS20 and my father runs Mayfair skates, though he's trying to run it down now and retire - the big companies and shops make it impossible to compete effectively. Also tips for sticking sliders on variflex plates etc
: regards Lee
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