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ACS 580

It's good to know someone else out there is riding the same setup and I am. I think the 651 will be too wide for my tastes and I'm trying to figure out a way to setup slider rails. My feet are small and the trucks are very close together so I am used to sliding on bars 3 inches away from my boot. I also ride sideways. Are you still skating these days? If so, where abouts? Check out the pic and maybe you can give me some suggestions. Thanks.

I used ACS580s on variflex plates with a slider set up, but I found that due to the ride height of the trucks, the sliders were not very effective. This was better with the lower ACS 651s, but I didnt get on with the width, probably since I rode miniramps and banks.
: I'll post an image once I take a piccy
: Anyway here's me at South Bank doing a wallride around 1991. I ride sidestance so wallrides off a bank are similar to riding a ramp...
: Lee
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