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How to build a vert skate is up
Very informative and I applaude you for your great information. I would like to learn how to bypass a rollerksate plate and just put a flat piece of medal or woode that I can attach skateboard trucks to the way you would a skateboard. I knwo a lot of skaters have done this and I wish I could make that type of set up. I find wide trucks attached to a rollerskate plate makes the stucks come to a stop while turning hard or grinding whereas skateboard trucks seem to keep going and allowing a 50/50 grind. I find, if I turn too hard or put too much weight on a grind, then I stop and fall forward.

: Please feel free to contact me if I mispelled stuff or what pops up wrong lol. Just winged it today and I'm not sure if I "get" floating images and all yet. :-D I will edit it later and put click onto a larger image.
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