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How to build a vert skate is up
Cons: The skateboard trucks method is much heavier I was told. Maybe not a problem for you, for me right now yes until my legs get super strong.

Ready made plates for them will be almost impossible to find now.

Pros: If you make them yourself (the plates), you can fine tune the position of the trucks to being exactly were you like them.

It would be easier to make homemade sliders and attach them between the trucks on the flat plate for grinding.

......ask Irene?? I think she just built a set up like this! I dont know how they ride differently honestly but curious myself.

: I came across this set up of Lee Ettinger's while on rollergirl's site. This is what I want. I want the skateboard set up. Does anyone know the advantages or disadvantages of either set up? It seems the trucks don't turn the opposite way and make you pull forward. By the way, many years ago I saw Lee on his quads while I was doing my first inline skate comp. I ended up skating a few sessions with him while he was doing inline. Can't say I knew the guy, but very cool and very good. It seems vert inline is either coming back or never left, but I think there is more to come. I always liked my inline buddies, but recently talked to an oldschool quad skater that said they gave him a real hard time. Oh, and I learned yesterday Tony Alva is turning 50. Crazy!
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