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Slider assembly
: I have re-vamped my slider assembly two weeks ago and finally have done some photos of it. I have put them together into a page about how to attach sliders to a vertical roller skate.
: If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know.

Wow thats great! I'm glad there are some more "how tos" up now so that hopefully some newbies can get started.

I'm wondering, where do you get the sliders from? Are they fairly thin? I was thinking I could bolt on one to my jump bar maybe........ Kinda like Daniel does.

I finally went to the skatepark today and had one of the best skates ever! Took my Oak streets with the longer plates and wider trucks to see if I would like them for my vert skates, LOVED them! I will never skate artistic style again. I can really throw myself forward and get some serious power and speed now and I NEVER fall!! :-D Fantastic day! I'm ready to go again already lol. Fear no more, I'm flying!
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