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Slider assembly
: I'm wondering, where do you get the sliders from?

I got them from a skate shop at least 15 years ago. I don't know if they are still produced. Obviously they held up very well with me.

: Are they fairly thin?

The Crowbars are the thickest rails I could get. Normal rails are about half as thick.

: I was thinking I could bolt on one to my jump bar maybe........ Kinda like Daniel does.

In this case I would put a nut into the holes in the rails where normally the bolts go. I did it this way before I changed my slider assembly.

: I finally went to the skatepark today and had one of the best skates ever! Took my Oak streets with the longer plates and wider trucks to see if I would like them for my vert skates, LOVED them!

I had the same experience when I had some shorter base plates on my street roller skates (I never would have used a short base for ramp skating). It also didn't workmout for me.
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