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Leg pain
Wow, very interesting response. My lower back has been hurting, but my chair at work sucks and I sit for 8 hrs a day. My right thigh hurts a lot more than the left and there is no electricity. Yes, I am just chilling tonight and will see how I feel tomorrow.

: Is there pain starting in the low back/butt area? Does it feel like electricity? Is it just on one side? Does it hurt worse with coughing/sneezing? Or are your muscles tight, sore? Yeah, I was a pre-med major, I doctor myself usually.
: Well if its really shooting pains, could be sciatica. Either way, rest is needed, take 2 -3 days off, then gentle exercise, definitely not bed rest. That will weaken you. You over did it. If it doesnt get better in a week or so, I would see a doctor since you have insurance now cause the cause could be stemming from something else which could be more serious. But I know about leg pain. I mildly strained my hamstring (odd), took 2 days off, very easy today, now I'm bursting with energy in an uneasy way. I'm all healed up which is cool. I was in lots of pain on Sunday tho. I'm out of shape and went from skating 1 or so hrs a day to 2-3 hrs a day, everyday. Just got a little carried away! :-D
: Hope you feel better soon!!
: : Hi all,
: : I am curious if anyone else has had the problem that I am encountering. When I first started skating again, I would come home and rest and when I got up I could barely walk. I would get extreme pain in my thighs. I thought this was just from being out of shape. I started getting this pain last week, when I skated for five straight days. On friday I had to stop skating because I was getting a shooting pain in my thigh which made it hard to stand. I took two days off and had the same thing happen yesterday. I don't think I pulled a muscle, but my thighs are sore and I get a shooting pain that makes it so that I can't put pressure on my leg. Is this a conditioning problem or what?
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