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a good idea....
If its really radiating down your leg, can you go to a chiropractor? Cause you can point to it, they can figure out where exactly that nerve is going to, where its compressed and manipulate your body to relieve it immediately. Its probably inflamed too but that would help it tons. Regular doctors dont know much honestly.

: Wow, very interesting response. My lower back has been hurting, but my chair at work sucks and I sit for 8 hrs a day. My right thigh hurts a lot more than the left and there is no electricity. Yes, I am just chilling tonight and will see how I feel tomorrow.
: : Is there pain starting in the low back/butt area? Does it feel like electricity? Is it just on one side? Does it hurt worse with coughing/sneezing? Or are your muscles tight, sore? Yeah, I was a pre-med major, I doctor myself usually.
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: : Well if its really shooting pains, could be sciatica. Either way, rest is needed, take 2 -3 days off, then gentle exercise, definitely not bed rest. That will weaken you. You over did it. If it doesnt get better in a week or so, I would see a doctor since you have insurance now cause the cause could be stemming from something else which could be more serious. But I know about leg pain. I mildly strained my hamstring (odd), took 2 days off, very easy today, now I'm bursting with energy in an uneasy way. I'm all healed up which is cool. I was in lots of pain on Sunday tho. I'm out of shape and went from skating 1 or so hrs a day to 2-3 hrs a day, everyday. Just got a little carried away! :-D
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: : Hope you feel better soon!!
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: : : Hi all,
: : : I am curious if anyone else has had the problem that I am encountering. When I first started skating again, I would come home and rest and when I got up I could barely walk. I would get extreme pain in my thighs. I thought this was just from being out of shape. I started getting this pain last week, when I skated for five straight days. On friday I had to stop skating because I was getting a shooting pain in my thigh which made it hard to stand. I took two days off and had the same thing happen yesterday. I don't think I pulled a muscle, but my thighs are sore and I get a shooting pain that makes it so that I can't put pressure on my leg. Is this a conditioning problem or what?
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