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Not happy with pro-designed pads
One of the derby girls told me she doesnt recommend them anymore cause hes so overloaded that the quality's gone way down. Her wrist guards fell apart immediately. Well, I got my elbows. The top strap is a touch short, they are BLUE, I asked for black then mentioned yellow maybe in an email but said black is great too. I never mentioned blue ever. The stitching is messy but that doesnt bother me so much if they fit well. When I put them on the spandex part inside bunches up. They fit a touch better then the s-ones but not by much, still spin a touch and are less flexible (its hard to bend my arm!) and not really much thicker. I waited several weeks for these and now I'm dissappointed. I might have to keep them since I'm unemployed and cant afford to play mail tag. I did email him about the blue deal!

But are there other kiddie elbow pads out there that are decent though? I'm very disappointed in these and probably wont do this again. It was a big deal just to do the money order thing.

Also, in the winter, how do you wear the knee gaskets? Or do you just wear wide legged pants?
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