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Says all sales are final too. :-(
They were custom made! I guess he just shortened up the straps and left the rest the way it was since the spandex bunches up and overlaps when I put them on. I dont get the blue though????? I like my jeans blue, not my pads. Not sure how he messed that up. I cant bend my elbow in them. The stitching goes all over the place, threads hanging out, it was a huried job. I might just let it go and next time get protec kiddie elbows or something. I like the $20 pads more in all honesty.

I will email him then will probably have to pay shipping and wait 6 more weeks or something crazy like that so it might not be worth it. I dont recommend them but maybe they ride better then they look. I donno. Cant bend my elbows!! They arent comfy at all. I cant stand them. They are really wide too! Thats the main reason I got the kids version.

I was asking about gaskets with pants. My jeans are all snug around the ankle so I cant just slip them on under my jeans. Do I leave them off or get wide legged pants later? Or sweat pants I guess? Or put them on top the pants? Its getting cool here! I will try to put them on then my pants and see if that works.

My legs hurt again too lol.

: I am surprised to hear that. I ordered some wrist guards from Bill and they were too small. I asked to exchange them and he let me. At first he asked me to pay shipping and I said no and he was cool about it. I personally liked dealing with him, but admit that I don't use the wristguards because they rub between my finger and thumb. He can make custom pads according to your measurements. I would suggest e-mailing him and coming to a compromise. See if he can make a custom pair that will fit you perfectly. I don't get your question about knee gaskets? You can wear them anytime.
: : : One of the derby girls told me she doesnt recommend them anymore cause hes so overloaded that the quality's gone way down. Her wrist guards fell apart immediately. Well, I got my elbows. The top strap is a touch short, they are BLUE, I asked for black then mentioned yellow maybe in an email but said black is great too. I never mentioned blue ever. The stitching is messy but that doesnt bother me so much if they fit well. When I put them on the spandex part inside bunches up. They fit a touch better then the s-ones but not by much, still spin a touch and are less flexible (its hard to bend my arm!) and not really much thicker. I waited several weeks for these and now I'm dissappointed. I might have to keep them since I'm unemployed and cant afford to play mail tag. I did email him about the blue deal!
: : :
: : : But are there other kiddie elbow pads out there that are decent though? I'm very disappointed in these and probably wont do this again. It was a big deal just to do the money order thing.
: : :
: : : Also, in the winter, how do you wear the knee gaskets? Or do you just wear wide legged pants?
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