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: : I want to do Brian Wainwright next. Bernhard, do you have an air/grinding picture of him? Maybe this one?
: :
: :
: This one is OK by me. Only problem: My internet access at home is broken since about three days so I can't send it to you from there at the moment. There was even a T-Com technician at my place this morning, but he couldn't resolve the issue. I guess it's up to me to get it working again. :-(
: : I have time for one more. I also finished the website (Building a rollerskate) if you want the info or just leave it as a link.
: I'd like to have both. Host it here and link to your site, too.
: : Well, heres Lisa. Shes really awesome all around! I'll finish it this winter.
: Your pictures are awesome! I hope there will be an exhibition some day. I also liked you bunny animation.

Thanks! I will email you the file tomorrow or can you just take it? Do you need the css file? Let me know.

I wont be doing any exhibitions any time soon. Take lots of time and money then most people cancel showing. I am putting them on my site though. I cant wait to finish these web classes so I can paint again. I know I can do much better now! I'm loving doing the skating images. :-D Just like skating, once you start, its addictive and its hard to put it down lol.

Sorry to hear about your computer. Is it a PC? Mine always broke down til I got a mac.
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