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Bernhard (videos by Bernhard) (pictures by Bernhard)
picture of Lisa Suggitt
: Thanks! I will email you the file tomorrow or can you just take it? Do you need the css file? Let me know.

I can get everything from your site. No problem.

: I wont be doing any exhibitions any time soon. Take lots of time and money then most people cancel showing.

I didn't mean this kind of exhibition. I meant that someone else will want to exhibit those pics and do all the chores.

: I am putting them on my site though.

That's also a (small) exhibition. And those pictures are really something special. I doubt someone else does this.

: Sorry to hear about your computer. Is it a PC? Mine always broke down til I got a mac.

The computer doesn't have a problem. It's a Linux machine and Linux is quite robust. But the box connecting my PC to the internet had some weird faults. Anyway, I now installed a Fritz Box which is able to do much more than my old router. It also has WLAN and VOIP and telephony and connects everything with everything.
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