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What do you think?
Vert rollerskating has been underground for over 25 years. We have always been a minority in extreme sports and I am curious if anyone would mind if we became more main stream? I am guessing that most of us old school skaters are used to skating alone at skateparks and only know a few other rollerskaters. This forum has made me aware of the skaters in the world, but there are not many of us. As I am getting older and realizing how much skating has meant to me, I feel like we need to progress this sport. How would you feel seeing young kids rollerskating at your local park or ramp? I know there are pros and cons of a sport becoming popular and commecialized, but I am starting to feel like I want to do something for our sport. I think that most people on this site are pioneers and legends. When I was 14 years old skating my local park I never cared about publicity or recognition. Now that I am getting older, not only have I seen our sport not grow, but I think it will not exist once we are too old to skate. I had an idea last night to change this and will pursue it on monday. Just curious how you all feel about it? Wouldn't it be cool to teach these young groms to skate the way we do? We all know of a few amazing skaters that deserve recognition. I skated with some amazing skaters in Europe and here in the U.S. we all know about Fred Blood and Duke Rennie. I am sure there are many more, but our sport is so underground. I think that before I have to stop skating, I would like to introduce our sport to the masses and leave a legacy. I am guessing my pitch to the company that I will talk to won't get any traction, but I think we can all do something to spread the word of our sport. What do you all think?
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