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What do you think?
I think most of us (including me) like to see some fresh blood in vertical roller skating. And I think it is a good idea to share everything you know about it with everyone who wants to know.

That being said, I don't believe that being underground is such a bad thing. I personally am not very interested in recognition by the media. I have to admit that I have stopped watching TV. I believe that it competely steels your time and doesn't give back much besides of a manipulated view of the world. To me, roller skating always was a bit of a counterculture. I do not think it is for the better of roller skating to go after the masses. I just think about how inline got destroyed by being sucked up too much into the mainstream. It didn't have a chance to develop its own culture. I would not like to see roller skating going the same way. I'd rather like to see roller skaters doing their own thing.

To summarize: Support everyone who wants to roller skate and withstand the lure of mass (un-)culture.
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