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: Hey Joe!
: Yes, I would love to see your new set up. :-D I'm frustrated trying to find roller skate wheels and I dont think I can handle 7" wide ramp trucks (with wheels) since I'm so small. Plus the really long kingpin makes me nervous to jump 50-50 grinds on the narrow ramp trucks, not much room left. But I love them. So I will build one with either tracker trucks or freestyle mini trucks it seems, hopefully this winter. Not sure yet on the grind bar, may stick with steel. Then when the kids tell me I should get aggressive skates/better skates, I cant wait to jump on a grind and make them eat their words lol.
: I love the hip pads. I had to lower them last night. I have low hips it seems. But when I hit them, the convex cap keeps all the pressure off. I will hit them a lot on the bowls and learning how to grind, and rotate jumps. Yes, I'm getting old but I'm fighting it!!!!! I'll look stupid with the pads so I can be awesome on my skates. I dont know the secret to getting younger.
: : Hey Claudine I recon your on a winner with the hockey pad thingos, they look like a good thing and the price is right too.the hockey doods have spent years smashing themselves up and have ended up with some well thought out products were as skaters(in general)have gone the padless route wich is of no use to us older folf who need to consider our futures.I actualy made my own cos I make wetsuits for a crust so I have foam rubber,good strong machines and a bit of know how to boot.Also working on some new skates as well and will post up some shots when they are done(typing one handed while moulding my slider rails as we speak).
: :

Hey again I'm using grind king minis(on my new setup) wich are 4 and a quater inch hanger,the same as tracker fulltracks,I got mine off e-bay from punkrandysk8s.I recon you'd be much better of with sk8board wheels,check out cortech or rainskates,best thane around for my money.

cheers joe
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