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Yeah, I'm really picking stuff up now and want to have good wheels next time around and a nice grinding truck with no kingpins in the way. I'm thinking of either tracker trucks:

or the minis:

Both are about 3 - 3 1/3 inches for the hanger. I think if the kingpin is low, they will give me decent grinding space and not be too wide for my narrow frame. 4 inches may cause me clipping, not sure.

I donno yet about the plate though. I'm looking into an aluminum/wood one if they have one thats long enough or build my own out of 5 ply wood, just dont know where to get that. Just line them up straight and drill I think! My setup is perfect until you start wanting speed and want to do real grinds/plate tricks. I'm hoping to get stalls down by the end of the week. :-D Cant wait to see your pics! Thanks for the response. Take care!
: Hey again I'm using grind king minis(on my new setup) wich are 4 and a quater inch hanger,the same as tracker fulltracks,I got mine off e-bay from punkrandysk8s.I recon you'd be much better of with sk8board wheels,check out cortech or rainskates,best thane around for my money.
: cheers joe
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