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spoke to a trainer today.....
I went to the college today since I found out I could swim for free, they also have a gym there, with mats, weights, free weights, cardio equip and basketball court too! So I might practice some handstands, etc. for inverts there next week!

Well, a trainer was there so I spoke to him. He confirmed I have tendonitis. He says since I'm small, I probably need to work on my muscle strength because if the muscles arent strong enough doing such high intensity/power driven workouts, it will over stress the tendons. Also if there are imbalances and tightness in some muscles, this could cause it too. He said it wasnt cause I'm too old cause I'm not, just need more strength. (But I didnt tell him my age lol.)

I will see him Monday and he will set me up. He thought a training program geared towards climbers or gymnasts would be best. More towards max strength rather then bulk alone so I can have the most power per weight.

I thought I would share and I will share what workouts I'm doing if I see results. I know I need more muscle and strength, I was relatively inactive many years while in college. I want to rip it up now!!!! I'm just lazy with weights but not happy having off days. I should be healed in another 2 days I think. :-D Thats good cause I have lead in my ass and my body sinks like a brick in the pool lol.
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