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spoke to a trainer today.....
I'll post it and what helps. Resting til Monday then will lift and skate alternate days.

Maybe I need to also go hard/rest to allow my body time to get stronger? This winter I WILL focus on getting strong. Much more motivated now. I was just in aweful shape when I started skating, really skinny. I was fairly sendentary for many years. So it will take time to get super strong again. I think my muscles are not balanced so my hamstrings are working way to hard to compensate. They get really tight/sore on me and then this happened, also not from a fall. I like to skate really hard almost everyday. I skate like its my last day skating and I think I do myself in lol. I just want to get stuff and get pump myself up and its hard to take even one day off. I need to attend VA, vert skaters anonymous lol.

I still think part of your problem is a misalignment. I hope you get medical soon and can get that checked. I think a chiropractor could pop you back quickly if so! But I swam and still bummed cause I want to skate.

: I hear ya. I have not skated all week due to a f'ed up back and neck. I thought about going today, but besides those issues, my thigh is still hurting after a week. I don't get it because I rarely fall and if I do, it is just a small bail. Everyday I pull into my garage and see my skates with my new wheels and it is killing me. If working out would help, I would do it, but it seems I overwork my muscles skating?

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