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cutting plastic?
I will create something, just hope it wont take 6 months lol. I have time to contemplate this before I work and then Xmas comes, etc. I think the square pvc pipe would work best so far and lightest, 1 1/2 inch wide, tall, would be a nice height too so my wheels dont lock up. Just drill 2 holes in the plate and pvc pipe, simple!

I worry that if the nuts are long, being thin, they would break. Lucky I dont weigh much but I still do damage. :-D

If I recall, my brother said it would cut but go slow cause it gets hot. He has some tools too.

Then piecing an inline plate, hum...... Something will work!

: Years ago, the kids would cut the plastic of the supermarket carts. They did create plastic sliders for trucks and the name is escaping me. I peronally love the metal on metal, but it does get stuck at times and I have some big chunks out of my trucks. I am sure you will create something for all of us.
: : I have a 1/2 inch industrial cutting board here. I could cut strips and put in long bolts on the trucks. Maybe 2 strips about an inch wide each side? Would that do? Can I use a jigsaw and drill? How can I thin the ends to counter sink the washers? I think this would work! Not toooo heavy......
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