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cutting plastic?
: I have a 1/2 inch industrial cutting board here. I could cut strips and put in long bolts on the trucks. Maybe 2 strips about an inch wide each side? Would that do? Can I use a jigsaw and drill? How can I thin the ends to counter sink the washers? I think this would work! Not toooo heavy......

That is the exact stuff to use,a jigsaw or hand saw will cut it well but you have to cut it slow as it tends to melt itself back together with the heat of a fast moving blade.
the plastic is a HDPE polyethelene and is used for cutting boards for its abrasion resistanse and its natrual slipperyness(perfect or what).It's what I use as it's mouldable with a bit of heat(did mine in the oven @ 150 degrees)

cheers joe
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