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Hey there I recon the best bet is to watch footage of folks doing it(handplants that is)and run through it slow mo.Plenty on you tue these days and good quality too.Best way to learn I recon.

cheers joe

: Hahaha, yeah, I'm old and crazy but I dont know how to grow up it seems. I like to play. :-D
: So how do you hold it? I'm lucky, not much of me to lift, bones are light and short and not much fat on me. Perfect body for it but I kick up and cant hold it for long. I will make up some fun tricks by next summer! Maybe go up handplant, do crazy kicks/freezes, come back down lol...... If you can win, amuse. :-D
: : Claudine, you crack me up. I have never seen someone so enthusiastic as you. I think it is so great that you are over 30 years of age and getting into vertical rollerskating. I am guessing you will turn out to be a top skater. If I did not do this sport at the age of 12 years old, I would not be doing it now. Just because it is so much harder on our bodies and learning from scratch is not easy. I used to have a trick where I would do a hand stand and hold it for several seconds and come back in fakie, which was a set up trick for a front flip. It can be quite easy, but looks pretty good.
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: : : I had fun at the gym today. My leg is about healed. Found out its only sore on the leg press machine so guess its a jumpin muscle. But its OK to land on. So doing handstands, roundoffs, etc. on the mats there. I want to be able to hold the handstand for a good bit. I hold it about 3 sec. now before it turns into a cartwheel or backbend. How do you hold it? I used to kick up against the wall, then push up to the ceiling to pull away, but if I do it freely, I do it with bent legs and an arched back cause its easier. Any ideas? I do it flat handed and gently kick up. Or do I need to do exercises first? Working on lifting weights now.
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: : : I want to try some on the ramps too. Just kicking up now and landing fakie halfway up. I guess to do it and come down normally, its like a round off where you twist your body, put hands facing down the ramp, do a cartwheel/round off, pick up hands and head and head on down? When I get this down move up?
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: : : I want to get them strong on ground first so later I can do full extensions on the coping. Any hints would be appreciated.
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: : : Yes, handplant before stalls, lol, silly me. :-P
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