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: I really have to bow down to you! I've been working on and off for a couple days on this slider contract job. Got the images to work but not text. :-( I feel like the biggest idiot, I have no idea why.

Sometimes it is annoying if you try to get something working and aren't experienced enough to know how exactly you have to go about it. One has to try out a lot and learn a lot. And Javascript can be tricky.

: So I was honest with them saying I COULD start from scratch using new script, but I'm really entry level. A JavaScript expert could probably figure it out in 15 mins, me not sure. Its due Monday so I told them I don't feel like I can quarantee them anything at this time. And I only get paid for 5 hrs of work but GOOD pay, just if I spend 20 on it, lol, I lose.

I also had some fix-price jobs in the past. You often loose with them. "Time and material" is better for the contractor.

: I wish I knew half as much as you do!

Takes only about 25 years of programming experience. ;-)

: Hopefully the other job will start soon or I will have to go back to secretary work.

You will make it!
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