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: : I really have to bow down to you! I've been working on and off for a couple days on this slider contract job. Got the images to work but not text. :-( I feel like the biggest idiot, I have no idea why.
: Sometimes it is annoying if you try to get something working and aren't experienced enough to know how exactly you have to go about it. One has to try out a lot and learn a lot. And Javascript can be tricky.
: : So I was honest with them saying I COULD start from scratch using new script, but I'm really entry level. A JavaScript expert could probably figure it out in 15 mins, me not sure. Its due Monday so I told them I don't feel like I can quarantee them anything at this time. And I only get paid for 5 hrs of work but GOOD pay, just if I spend 20 on it, lol, I lose.
: I also had some fix-price jobs in the past. You often loose with them. "Time and material" is better for the contractor.
: : I wish I knew half as much as you do!
: Takes only about 25 years of programming experience. ;-)
: : Hopefully the other job will start soon or I will have to go back to secretary work.
: You will make it!

Thanks for the reassurance! I guess its stick to it. I've only been plugging away at JavaScript 2 months now. I might not be able to work web now cause I need a job soon to feed my skating addiction lol. :-D I just dont want to get stuck doing secretary work..... I dont know much about English actually lol. Really nice programming work though!
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