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my fault lol....
Let me know if I ask too many questions! I've never enjoyed myself so much so I've been eager to learn. This is the happiest I've been, on my skates! I am now 1 year old starting roller skating :-D much less doing aggressive. So I had lots to learn; lots of questions. I've really enjoyed the forum because I know noone else who does this. If it werent for this site, I wouldn't know half as much as I do. The people here are too cool too!! Lisa helped get me started, but now I have learned even more and have improved rapidly with all the help. Bernhard, you are awesome for doing this! I hope to help keep this alive......

: Hi all,
: just wanted to inform you that as of today, the vertical roller skating forum is the most successful that I operate with this software. They highest message number has surpassed the one in the skateboard forum over at (which also has forums about, Spots, Inline, Events and Rollerderby). This doesn't mean that the absolute number of contributions is the highest, because this number also counts spam which I remove from the forum. But at the moment, this forum is doing rather well.
: Thanks to all of you for making this such a friendly and cozy place where people with such an obscure passion can meet and have their small community, sharing information, insights, talk, pictures and videos.
: Bernhard
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