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my fault lol....
Hey Robert,

I have never had so much fun in my life! When I got my quads, thats the happiest I've ever been. I felt like I was 8 again. So heck yeah, I'm having a blast! :-D

Hey, did the doc crack you back back yet? My knee is finally feeling stable again. I'll be rollin strong next week!

: Bernhard,
: This is a great place to come and share ideas and our passion for skating. Hopefully, Claudine will come up with an amazing set up that we can all ride. Claudine, you are one skate maniac! It's too bad we all live so far away because it would be cool to plan a weekend to all meet up and skate.
: : : : Let me know if I ask too many questions!
: : :
: : : I don't think you are asking too many questions. I think everybody here is happy to discuss his favorite occupation.
: :
: : Or preoccupation lol? Thats me.......
: : :
: : : I just wouldn't have imagined that there would be a "market" for such a forum. I was under the impression there was no other vertical roller skater in the world back then besides me. But then along came Brian. I have to thank him to encourage me to start this forum.
: : :
: : : : I hope to help keep this alive......
: : :
: : : You definitely do.
: :
: : Well, this is awesome cause now I'm building the best skates ever with all the help! I just put filler in them. I'm stoked! But last time I put in plastic wood filler and that is hard to drill. The new holes are going to be close to those original holes in the heel. Hope it goes OK. I put on strips of tape on the side to mark the placement of the axels to make this quicker. I might have to wait to put it together fully til the sliders are cut too (ordered them today), cause I find if I cut the nuts, to get the nut back on is hard. I might have to ride my street skates a bit but hopefully cutting sliders doesnt take long and my knee needs a rest too. Patience lol?
: :
: : Glad my amateur butt contributes! :-D
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