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Slider Design Part II
Hey thanx Irene,I actualy used alloy box as well but I made the whole plate out of it, cut the rest away with a cheap jigsaw in my back yard on a milk crate.It was slow but exiting as I knew what I wanted and saved myself a bucket loade of cash by doing it myself.Point being ,you dont need to machine anything,just cut and it's only 3mm thick so it is quite doable by an amature with shit tools,,,like me.
You can also do well by going to someone who works with the materials you want (rather than a supplier) and asking for a peice of off cut,should cost anything from nothing to a 6 pack of beer.

cheers joe

Without access to a machine shop with adequate tools, it's difficult to construct and customize these setups, especially since us girls have smaller feet = less space for sliders. I thought about stacking skateboard truck risers or using a metal electrical box (Home Depot for light switches). I'm trying to keep it as light as possible. Joe has a great design and I assume he had access to a metal shop.
: More thoughts, comments, snide remarks??? Thanx.
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