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Slider Design Part II
You go girl , necesity is the mother of invention.
I'm all clicheyde out

cya joe

: : Without access to a machine shop with adequate tools, it's difficult to construct and customize these setups, especially since us girls have smaller feet = less space for sliders. I thought about stacking skateboard truck risers or using a metal electrical box (Home Depot for light switches). I'm trying to keep it as light as possible. Joe has a great design and I assume he had access to a metal shop.
: : More thoughts, comments, snide remarks??? Thanx.
: Hey Irene,
: I think Joe used a jigsaw and box section aluminum for his, but I will let him reply since I'm not certain. Do you have a jigsaw? If not get yourself one! It makes me feel dangerous lol. :-D
: Please read my post above. Seems like my design isnt outrageously heavy. I got it practically overnight too which is insane, in a good way! I think this new design of yours might work. I saw a bunch of boxes in the electrical section too. A light idea might be a round piece of coping, just you would land on a small piece. I think I saw possibilities by the coping connector section too! But PVC is hard to cut and I dont think slides as well. Hey, this is awesome to have this board to share ideas.
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