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the weight...
I'm just so sad I dont have my bolts or wheels and my knee isnt 100%. :`(

But I will touch them up to perfection so they are 100% even. I think the circle with the curved outside will both clasp and slide off easy at an angle. The height on the ends is the same at where the jump bars were so it shouldnt feel too odd. Tomorrow I drill the holes in my boots then I should have them together I hope by mid week. Hurry up mailman!

Those things are sturdy too cause that saw sometime would jam into it and the whole thing got to jerking and no breaking. I was rough cause if it cant handle knocking around, it wont handle skating. I went in with a round drill in the corners so there are no lines, just curves so the lines dont travel later.

Wow, 2 days of sawing, and only ONE bandaid. I did good! :-D All my neighbors came over to see what I was building this time too! I am STOKED!

: Damm fine work there doodette,you gotta be exited about them.
: cheers joe
: : 4 ounces each skate but I didnt want them to be too thin cause I like em, dont want them to break and thought its silly to worry over an ounce.
: :
: : : They are about done. Just need to fine tune some of the sides if I want them looking pretty and make the holes bigger when I get the nuts. I made circles, they do line up even though the photo doesnt show it so, they are sturdy cause the jigsaw would grab it and throw it around and no breakin! I rounded the outside of the circle to ease going on/off. Its a good back workout! Tomorrow, mount the plates! I think this will be easy after the sliders lol. Measurements, done, just drill holes.
: : :
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