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question my skates
Got the bolts and bushings! Can I skate 95a skateboard wheels on a fairly smooth asphalt parking lot or is that not a good idea? I can put on my aerobics for now. I want to get used to my new skates since I've never had skateboard trucks. Tomorrow I will finish them up and ready for a spin! I'm BACK!!

Also, got 73a bushings Khiro, I'm trying to find out from Lisa what my black soft bushings were from suregrip I assume, I donno. Will this be too soft or is it a good idea to have the trucks loose? If too soft, I can put a harder cushion on the trucks by the plate? Or is it OK to have a couple threads left past the nut? I wanted the softest cause I was going to use jump bars at the time, thats why. But since these trucks are supposed to be unresponsive, will I want them looser? I just dont want to ruin my nuts too soon by making too many changes.
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