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question my skates
I'd set them medium and adjust them up or down as suits,every one is different but if you can I'd try to get use to them looser than tighter.I got use to tight trucks from the start and cannot ride em loose wich tricky when carving a bowl,,from my experience.

: Got the bolts and bushings! Can I skate 95a skateboard wheels on a fairly smooth asphalt parking lot or is that not a good idea? I can put on my aerobics for now. I want to get used to my new skates since I've never had skateboard trucks. Tomorrow I will finish them up and ready for a spin! I'm BACK!!

I just dont want to ruin my nuts too soon by making too many changes.

I hear you sister,, I ruined my nuts on a handrail once,, never again..

cheers joe
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