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German Mastership Inline - a sitestance inliner
Those skaters are F'n amazing! I could never be a judge because they all amaze me. Side Stance on inlines is extremely impressive.

I did both and can appreciate the two sports and I truly appreciate the progression that has been going on. I guess because I am an old man and am reflecting on the old days, I still respect old school rollerskaters and the sport of vert rollerskating.

Although I had the priviledge of being a pioneer in our sport like many on this site, I am a bit jealous I did not have the opportunity to skate with other skaters during my days the old days.

It seems the old school skateboarders that either invented tricks or could do them during the old days are at least recognized for their innovation and talent. It makes me a little sad that the old school rollerskaters don't get the recognition they deserve. Back in my prime I could not even hold my own with the new skaters, but either could Tony Alva or Stacy Peralta when compared to the new skaters.

Back when I was doing flips on my rollerskates, I only saw one other guy doing them and his name was Paul Votava. I completely respect our heritage and don't feel I or any other needs recognition, but it would be nice to have a little bit of a history.

With that said, I appreciate what we have all gone through and what we are all doing now. Even if it is a hand full of people that know about our history and love for vert rollerskating, I am happy. Although there were many rollerskaters that influenced what is happening now, I am happy that Fred Blood and Duke Rennie are respected for their contributions. I know there are a ton of European rollerskaters and many here in the U.S. and many other countries that have had a positive impact on the skating of today.

I guess I am like an old school skateboarder who wonders what he/she would have been doing with the newer equipment and foam pits and trampolines. We all did it with just the pure will to try something new and slam hard. I am so proud of our sport and so proud of the many that have either continued skating or just have gotten back into it.

I am equally proud of the newer rollerskaters like Claudine that are doing a sport that is not popular and just do it because it is in their soul. Our sport today is very much like is was back when I was doing it. We do it because we love it. We rarely see another skater and are usually looked at a bit differently. I guess that means our sport has kept its roots and I salute all of my brothers and sisters that continue to ride.


: Lookee, there is an ininer doing sidestance at the German Mastership in Berlin:
: I don't know if it is Bo Elsbol, however.
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